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The Housekeeper’s Instructor or, Universal Family-Cook (1811)
Home 9 Product 9 The Housekeeper’s Instructor or, Universal Family-Cook (1811)

The Housekeeper’s Instructor or, Universal Family-Cook (1811)


Good copy in its original binding.

Author: W.A. Henderson

Published On: 1811

Pages: 464

Country: London: United Kingdom

Language: English

Dimension: 14cm x 21.5cm

Item Weight: 672gm

Edition: Seventeenth edition

1 in stock

The Housekeeper's Instructor was a bestselling English cookery book written by William Augustus Henderson, 1791. It ran through seventeen editions by 1823. Later editions were revised by Jacob Christopher Schnebbelie.

The full title was "The housekeeper's instructor; or, universal family cook. Being a full and clear display of the art of cookery in all its various branches." Later editions had longer subtitles.

The recipes are in eighteenth-century style brief, often with no guidance on the techniques to be applied, and with little indication of quantities, cooking temperature or cooking time. There are no lists of ingredients, these being indicated simply by being mentioned in the text. For example, in the section on "Boiling Meat" is the recipe for "Pickled Pork"

After washing and scraping it perfectly clean, put it into the pot with the water cold, and when the rind feels tender, it is enough. The general sauce is greens, among the variety of which you are to make choice to your own direction.

The making of components such as pastry, used in many dishes, is described, in its case under the heading of "Pies". First some general advice is given:

One very material consideration must be, that the heat of the oven is duly proportioned to the nature of the article to be baked. ... Raised pies must have a quick oven, and be well closed up, or they will sink in their sides, and lose their proper shape.

A selection of pastry recipes immediately follows, such as:

Puff paste must be made thus: Take a quarter of a peck of flour, and rub it into a pound of butter very fine. Make it up into a light paste, with cold water, just stiff enough to work it up. Then roll it out about as thick as a crown piece; put a layer of butter all over, then sprinkle on a little flour, double it up, and roll it out again. Double and roll it, with layers of butter three times, and it will be properly fit for use.  (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Housekeeper%27s_Instructor)

Additional information

Weight 672 g
Dimensions 14 × 3 × 21.5 cm


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