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The Compleat Imbiber 5
Home 9 Product 9 The Compleat Imbiber 5

The Compleat Imbiber 5


The Compleat Imbiber 5 is a good solid 1962 copy of No 5 with no markings.

Author: Edited: Cyril Ray

Publisher: Vista Books

Published On: 1962

Pages: 208

Country: London: United Kingdom

Language: English

Dimension: 17cm x 25.5cm

Item Weight: 806gm

1 in stock

The Compleat Imbiber 5 was edited by renowned British wine writer, Cyril Ray, the Imbiber was a series of anthologies that appeared from 1956 until the early 1970s. In terms of content, it was rather all over the place. “I have imagined this collection as a sort of dinner party,” Ray once noted. “So there is order in it, such as becomes a dinner party. The anthology went through numerous editions over the years, remaining wry, informed, and unapologetic all along. Highly literate, The Imbiber assumed its reader was, too.  It is a good solid 1962 copy of No 5 with no markings. https://hungrytraveller.com.au/3d-flip-book/the-compleat-imbiber-5/

Additional information

Weight 806 g
Dimensions 17 × 3 × 25.5 cm


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