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We Japanese
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We Japanese


Very good copy with no markings in a box.

Author: Fujiya Hotel Ltd

Publisher: Fujiya Hotel Ltd

Published On: 1949

Pages: 591

Country: Miyanoshita: Japan

Language: English

Dimension: 16cm x 22cm

Item Weight: 788gm

1 in stock

We Japanese being descriptions of many of the customs, manners, ceremonies, festivals, arts and crafts of the Japanese besides numerous other subjects. 600 Pages, 889 Illustrations. Second overall edition comprising three books (Book I - 9th Printing, Book II - 6th Printing, Book III - 2nd Printing). Book comes with a cover shell designed with and for the book when published, contains cloth loops for closure but missing dowl. Ex Libris from Walter W. Somers inside shell. Shell is sun faded with some markings. Book is bound in japanese cloth and tied across spine with blue rope. Front cover contains paper panel with title. Pages are clean and are a very delicate rice paper. Each page is folded and sewn in at the spine crating a cavity between the front and back. Illustrations are a mix of woodblock, photograph, and other forms.


Additional information

Weight 788 g
Dimensions 16 × 3 × 22 cm


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